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kvCORE & interface

Both systems connect very easily using a combination of kvCORE smart campaigns, zapier, and campaigns.

To keep things simple, you want to use kvCORE as a trigger, and then use built-in campaigns to schedule the actual sending of mail.

This is especially true of scheduled mail, which automatically sends in advance.

Triggers & Actions

Below is a table that shows what triggers and actions are available on both systems.


kvCORE Triggers


Campaign Action

Triggers when an action in a kvCORE Smart Campaign runs.

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead (excluding transfers) is added to your account. There may be a 15-minute delay. Triggers


New Recipient Added

Triggers whenever a new recipient is added to a mailing list via API, Zapier, Landing Pages, List Builder, Retargeting, Manual Add, or CSV Import.

QR Code Scan

Triggers when a QR Code is scanned on a Postcard

Item Delivered

Triggers when a mailer is delivered to a recipient.

How the f--

At this stage if you're feeling a little nervous about how this all comes together, you're in the right frame of mind. It's like staring deep into an enormous box of Lego and that's exactly what it is.

Here are just a few suggestions. Just about anything you can imagine as a process you can automate between the two systems:

Leveraging Zapier to automate these flows can be extremely powerful.

Thanks to kvCORE's ability for you to specify hashtags, source, notes, etc. at the time your new leads are added means you can continue your automation after the zap completes without lifting a finger via additional Smart Campaigns!

To walk through these examples, click one of the buttons below.