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1. Save the design

Open any Canva template link or find a template you like on, and save it to your account.

You can save your design by naming it when it's open.

2. Open in

With your design saved to, you can now access it from

First, open "Image Templates" on the left. 

3. Open Designer

Now, click on the 'Design' button for the type of mailer you want to create.

4. Find your template

Now, in the Canva designer, find your folders at the bottom left. It will show all of your saved designs on

Navigate to the design you want to copy into a template, and click on it. 

5. Save it

Finally, be sure to name your new mailer, and save it at the top right. 

That's it! 

Use this method to bring ANY external designs from into the Canva designer.