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Location of Custom Variables In Contact Record

Mail Merge Variables

When composing a message, review the gray column to the right. It contains all of the available variables (image 1):





  • %ADDRESS2%

  • %CITY%

  • %STATE%

  • %ZIP%

  • %CUSTOM1%

  • %CUSTOM2%

Click on an available variable in this gray column at the right to insert data from your mailing list (image 2).

Location of Custom Variables In Contact Record

What Are Custom 1 & Custom 2 Variables?

Custom 1 and Custom 2 are open fields that you can add text to for each contact record in a mailing list. 

These custom variables can be uploaded with CSV imports, via API, automation (see below), via meta tags, or whenever you manually enter new recipients into a list.

Using Custom 1 & Custom 2 Data

You may use 'Custom 1' and 'Custom 2' in a variety of ways.

  • Customize a message with a recipients unique account number, donation amount, renewal date, remote property address, etc. (Message Templates)

  • Add a personalized p.s. message that comes from your CRM, added to the end of an automated card. (Zapier/Make/API)

  • Pull information from a clicked advertisement to auto-design a follow-up up-sell mailer. (Visitor View, Dynamic Cards)

  • Set a specific property address for Google Street/Map View. (Dynamic Cards)

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