Begin by clicking on 'Integrations'

Click Connect

Click connect on the tile

Click 'Install'


Once installed, will be visible on your apps page.

Click Integrations

Open your main menu from the bottom left corner of your dashboard, and select 'Integrations.'

Choose Mailing List Sync

Select Board

Select which monday board you want to send contacts from.

Choose How To Sync

Now, you can choose what kind of update to a contact in monday syncs that contact to a mailing list.

You can use either a general column or status update, or you can setup a specific status to trigger the sync.

Select sync variables

Now, you will set the specific variables for the sync trigger.

Click on each white link to select a value from it to configure the sync trigger.

Add To Board

Click 'add to board' at the bottom right.


You will see your configuration added to the integrations interface. You can turn the integration on/off as needed.

Test the integration by setting it to 'On.' Then, change a contact or lead in your board to match the conditions of the sync.

It should trigger nearly instantly.

Integrations Log

Whenever you are in a monday board, you can click integrations at the upper right side. From here you can add more integrations or review the integrations that have been running.

Click Integrations Activity

Integrations Log

The integrations log will show you what has been running (or not running) which may aid in troubleshooting your new automations/syncs.