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How Do QR Codes Work? Like Magnets?

QR Codes are printed for each recipient automatically -- you simply supply the URL that you want people to land on.

(You'll find the instructions at the end of this brief guide.)

What should I link?

To be successful with QR codes:
  1. The design of your mailer, and messaging, should both have the goal of getting/asking the recipient to scan the code.
  2. When the code is scanned, the recipient should get what was promised.

Examples of things to link in a QR code:
  • Your website
  • Coupons
  • Products
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletter/Market Report Sign-Up
  • Social Media Pages/Groups


Whenever a QR code is scanned, you will receive an email notification. It will tell you which recipient card it was, what the URL was, and what order the card was sent from.


When someone scans a QR code, things can happen.

We supply all of the associated mailer data to Zapier, so that you may trigger further automations after a recipient scans your code.

For example:

  • Send blast marketing and only add the scanners as new leads to your CRM.

  • Re-categorize contacts in your CRM depending on a scan.

  • Send an email or message to whichever recipient scans the code.