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What is Visitor View?

Visitor View is a script that can automatically capture website visitors as leads, without asking them to sign up or enter any information.

How Does It Work?

Just add the script into any part of your web page before the closing </body> tag in HTML.

It will automatically run whenever the page loads, capturing up to 30% of traffic.

For each lead captured, you are charged $0.20.

Usage Example

Visitor View can return information that is specific to that visitor's browsing history.

For example, let's say you are advertising yellow shirts, red shirts, and blue shirts.

Then, a website visitor, who is browsing at home, comes along who clicked on your advertisement for yellow shirts.

In this instance, you would have captured what kind of product they were interested in, (usually their name as well) and their address.

Because they are deposited into a mailing list, you would then have an automated thank you card delivered to them (via a campaign) that thanks them for their interest in yellow shirts, and should they be interested in other colors, they can save 15% off their next purchase.