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A few reasons.

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail can be a useful tool for many businesses, but it's not the perfect fit for everyone.  To help you understand why does not utilize this service on your behalf we've outlined the pro's and con's of EDDM so you can decide what is best for your business.

  1. specifically offers mailer sent via First-Class Mail.

  2. With EDDM you do not need a mailing list as your mail lands in every mailbox of the specific neighborhood you choose.  If you are a business that appeals to the masses (like pizza or fast food chains, gyms, local grocery delivery) then it can be beneficial but if you are a business that only appeals to a certain market then much of your mailing is wasted.  With you can niche down and target a specific audience, thus saving you money because your not wasting it on the masses that are not your target market.

  3. EDDM is attractive to many businesses because of its lower postage rates but businesses that choose EDDM over a more targeted approach tend to see less success and more waste of their campaigns.  This is a blanket approach that is not always productive for a more niche specific business. Any upfront savings you might have on postage become wasted by those who discard your mailer because it doesn't apply to them.

  4. EDDM lacks personalization.  There is no name associated with each address.  If you use or buy a targeted mailing list you are reaching out to the recipient directly helping you to establish a stronger connection with them. 

  5. With EDDM you must pick a specific neighborhood and mail to the entire neighborhood.  You cannot limit the amount you wish to send.  It's all or nothing.  Example if you want to mail to 500 people this month and 500 people next month, with EDDM you cannot do this but with you control the amount of mailings you wish to do and in a timing that fits your budget.