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If you're interested in A/B testing the success of your campaigns, you can download your order history into a spreadsheet for analysis.

Set Your Filters

Before downloading any orders, you should filter out the ones that you want to analyze (if applicable.)

Filter info:



Orders specifically sent via API. (Visit for more info.)


Orders automatically sent by via 'Campaigns.' (Click Campaigns in on the left.)

Card Builder

Orders sent when you click the big, orange 'Send Now' button at the top left.


Postcards sent via emailing


Orders triggered via Zapier from your favorite software or CRM.



Initially, an order goes into 'Reviewing' which is the 1-Hour window allotted to you, the user, to review and have the opportunity to cancel before it's finalized, charged to your account, and sent to processing.


When an order is sent/submitted to the printer, it will be in processing. This status typically does not persist for long and is typically only noticeable on larger orders.


Orders that were sent to the printer are Fulfilled.


Set once we receive notification from the printer that an order is printed or printing.


After the printer has confirmed shipment or provided tracking info, an order is shipped and in transit.


If you cancel an order during the 'Reviewing' period, the orders final status is Cancelled and funds are returned to your credit balance.


Orders that have failed due to technical errors.


Choose a range to filter. You can download up to 30 days of historical orders at a time.

Choose Your Download Type

Once your filter is applied, choose a download option to save a csv sheet to your device.

  • Order History Summary - Useful for Accounting/High-Level analytics.

    • Downloads only summary information including:

      • Order ID, Subaccount ID

      • Type, Size, Message

      • Method

      • Status

      • QR URL

      • Total Nr. Recipients

      • Total Cost

      • Total Nr. QR Scans

      • Individual Statuses

      • Created Date

  • Order Details - useful for troubleshooting or analysis.

    • Downloads each individual recipient's data including:

      • Recipient info (Name, Address, City, St, Zip/Postal, Country, Email, Phone, Custom1/2)

      • Individual Recipient Nr. QR Code scans

      • Message

      • Order ID

      • Type, Size

      • Method

      • SubAccount ID